Гастроёмкость п/к
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• Made with FDA-approved materials • Designed and manufactured in compliance with the UNI EN 631-1 regulation • The type of materials and thicknesses of the containers guarantee a perfect shock-resistance; they cannot easily be dented in case of accidental falling • Excellent transparency (approx. 0,6 HAZE) • Completely smooth walls allowing to easily identify the inside contents and to facilitate the washing • Equipped with a graded scale according to both the metric and American system • Edges for easy stacking • Available with hermetic lids or just to place over lids with the possibility of having a spoon slot • Easy to clean and sanitizable • Can be used in the freezer without becoming cold when taken out • Can be used in the microwave but not for prolonged times • Can withstand temperatures from -40° C +110° C • The bottom is anti-scratch photo-engraved • Also available in the standard colors white, black, blue, yellow, red, green, and any other color for quantities over 500 PCs • Many different kinds of customized solutions on request